Gabrielle Union and Dwyane Wade haven’t done much to quell the speculation around their marriage but they are still doing plenty of family events, including Thanksgiving and a shot of them together. Just the two of them, standing face to face. 


A new TV show starring Will Sharpe and Megan Stalter, directed and written by Lena Dunham? We are watching and discussing together. I love the ex-pat rom-com angle and it’s very true to Lena’s real life. 


I actually believe Andrew Rannells has a rivalry with Merrily We Roll Along. These theatre kids are bitchy.


If you need gift recommendations for difficult people, Amy Sedaris has been doing a Q&A for The Strategist. Helpful for those with a boring father-in-law or a minimalist daughter-in-law.


More from Art Basel: a soft launch (I guess?) of Sophia Bush and Ashlyn Harris, who made the grid of gallery owner Michelle Tillou. After Ashlyn’s Notes screed, Sophia has been posting (and deleting) stories about keeping secrets and toxicity etc. She posted a quote this morning about drama being intolerable and yet… they are non-stop drama. Sophia is the messiest girl you went to high school with on social media, but in celebrity form. 


What is your Christmas movie that is not exactly considered a Christmas movie? No, I’m not talking about Die Hard which has been debated to death. Mine would be Bridget Jones’s Diary, which actually captures the malaise of the season – especially the grey area between Christmas and New Year -  really well. The three stars of the film are not on Instagram but sometimes Renee’s boyfriend posts about her – the 5th slide is an ornament with her name. They are still together. 


Kenya Moore is a wildly underrated Housewife (and one of Beyoncé’s favourites! “Twirl on my haters” and “Gone with the wind fabulous” are inspired by Kenya). She is close to finalizing her divorce from her a short marriage but the way she’s navigated her ex’s DARVO techniques has been really eye opening. Reality TV is often black and white with villains and angels and while Kenya is a shade assassin, she is also observant and empathetic. She recognizes the mistreatment in her own marriage and has been able to point it out to other women who are struggling in their relationships (Ralph, she sees you!). After years of legal wrangling Kenya might finally get her divorce today and I hope Beyoncé sends her flowers.