I would consider Selena Gomez’s comments about Benny Blanco as Instagram Official but now we have a kissing photo with full view of both their faces (flip to the last slide). Extra Instagram Official. 


Lainey wrote about Tom Cruise’s possible new romance and Elsina Khayrova’s ex Dmitry Tsetkov ran to the tabloids to claim she’s a big spender. This is so funny to me because I’ve always equated an oligarch with being mega-rich and Dimitri is tallying up her handbags like a grocery list. I don’t know about Tom’s finances, but I think he can spare a few Louis Vuittons. If this is her legit Instagram, this woman is here for the headlines. She is giving rich. She is putting that black Amex to use!


In promotion for The Iron Claw, the cast talked about their reality TV picks and Jeremy Allen White and Harris Dickinson namechecked Below Deck. This is one show I don’t have an allegiance to but I will watch it on occasion for exactly the reason mentioned here – it’s always on. There’s so many seasons and locations and charters and you can pop it on without context. It’s a huge ratings draw for Bravo, but 95% of the cast has zero name recognition. It’s an interesting formula. 


This looks like a 30 Rock movie poster. Not just the obvious photoshop but the facial expressions. Sam Rockwell looks defeated. 


Justin Hartley has a new CBS series coming out and there’s a bit of chatter that maybe things are not steady on the marriage front. He doesn’t post a lot outside of work and his wife, Sofia, has not posted in ages. But when she did post, she went hard with the husband content.

Blake Shelton is declaring his New Year’s resolution – to cut down or stop drinking. I think this is a common one. 


There are very few independent luxury fashion brands but Hermès is one of them (LVMH did purchase around 23% of shares over the years). Fifth-generation Hermès descendant Nicolas Puech plans to leave his multimillion dollar fortune to his gardener. This is already causing legal issues (Puech is not part of the brand’s operation and reportedly owns 5-6% of shares). If there is no mental incapacitation, why can’t he leave it to the gardener? It sounds like Puech is taking all the necessary legal steps, including adopting his gardener. People leave money to their pets so why is leaving it to a long-time employee, who we can assume has become a friend/family to Nicolas, so egregious? Now I’m off to fall down a very specific rabbit hole: Hermes gardening tools.