In what is possibly the last viral piece of the season, New York Magazine has a nepo baby cover that is part parody, part shade (this art director deserves a raise!). It was designed for us to fight over and the debate about nepo babies and what they represent (privilege, systemic advantages, inter-generational wealth) is reaching a frenzy. And there’s such a wide range of talent represented in these gene pools – for every Mira Sorvino there’s a Chet Hanks. 


Elon Musk slipped a note across the cafeteria table and asked Twitter if it wants to go steady with him. (It’s looking more like a friendzone situation.)

David Beckham’s presence in Qatar came with a hefty payday and a fair bit of criticism, which he has dodged by staying relatively silent. Cruz joined him for the final and I do wonder how the logistics worked out – Cruz is old enough to fly alone (or with security) on a commercial airline but probably flew private. And if so, was that bill part of David’s package deal? A quick Google search tells me it’s about $45k for a private jet from London, which is relatively inexpensive compared to the amount David was compensated. But rich people love freebies so they wouldn’t pay for it if they didn’t have to. The other possibility is that a bunch of rich people chartered a jet and Cruz caught a ride with them. Privat jet-pooling.


There’s no Outback Steakhouse where I live and everything I know about it, I learned from The Office. But I do want this bloomin onion! I love onion rings but am often disappointed in the execution (either too soggy or the batter is lacklustre). 


Drake’s captions remind me of the prose people used for their IM “away” setting in 2006.


Not a sports person, definitely don’t watch football and have no idea what team this is or who these people are, but the little strut is making me chuckle. He is taking over the body shop from pop this week and smoking is now allowed in the back, just don’t be a heat score about it. 


Someone wrote “live laugh loaf” in the comments so maybe social media can be used for good.