Last week, I posted about Nick Kroll’s wedding, and on Jimmy Fallon he went over the engagement. He got some help from his co-stars and do you know who he told first, before his parents? Click here for a hint. Ugh this is adorable. 


This morning Lainey wrote about Harry Styles and the targeting of his “manliness” or whatever people want to get hate-clicks for in 2020 and it reminded me of my favourite tweet about Prince. It’s from 2014. 

The Beyoncé boxes are still going out! Drew Barrymore got a piece and she’s understandably proud. Look at the hashtag #madethelist – celebrities know there’s a list and watching to see if they are on the list and who is getting merchandise that they are not getting. Beyoncé’s list is more important than Santa’s. 


Big news: Paulina Gretzky took off her Hermes belt. 

Shawn Mendes and Camila Cabello are going strong and I know some people aren’t believers, and the more they do, the less people believe. I think it’s a little more complicated than fake/real, a little messier. And if this is not young love, I don’t know what is. 


OK, so Katie Holmes has kind of gone Instagram-official with her boyfriend Emilio? She posted a video in her stories (screenshot below) and tagged Emilio and his brother, in support of their family restaurant. And they are painting together – she commented with star emojis on his. Very basic stuff but this is bold for Katie. Will we get a Christmas or New Year’s Eve shot of them? A lot of people get engaged over the holidays. Just saying.

Katie Holmes's Instagram Story

John Hughes son James Hughes put together a Home Alone oral history for Chicago Magazine in 2015 and this year, Simon Bland put one together for The Independent. It’s not that oral histories aren’t interesting (particularly the one written by James Hughes) but the missing element is Macaulay Culkin. I kind of wonder why he didn’t participate – he doesn’t shy away from the movie and did a Home Alone commercial for Google. (There’s a reboot centered around another family in the works at Disney+. What would happen if a kid was left home alone today? Wouldn’t they just text you? It’s hard to be left home alone when everyone is reachable 24/7, even on airplanes.)