This clip has been making the rounds on Twitter and it’s not because Drew did something kooky, but I won’t give it away. What I learned from this, though, is that Drew is curious about things (which is an excellent quality in a talk show host). She follows up. Drew is a digger. This means Drew is a gossip. Just like us!


Celebrities appearing in-store for shopping events used to a be a real thing, like Kate Moss at Topshop or Chloe Sevigny and Maggie Gyllenhaal at Target (yes, really). It might be making a comeback as brick-and-mortar retail stores look for ways to enhance the in-store experience. Here’s Selma Blair at Gap and she looks fantastic, especially her hair. The blonde long-ish pixie is so good on her.


Are you an Elf on the Shelf victim? I am and it’s only December 2. Brie Larson’s team put together this skit, which looks like something from SNL, about Brie in a Tree. This took time and commitment – there’s even a laugh track! She must have really been into the idea and had the time. (Somewhere in LA, a young executive at a streaming site is pitching this idea as an animated series.)


Rita Ora is once again denying she is “Becky with the good hair” after it was brought up in an interview. The thing is, no one thinks she’s Becky so there’s really not much to deny. At the time she posted the photo that stirred up the conversation, people were already deep into the Becky investigation and Rita was never seriously considered a suspect.


The Today Show producers should be messy and try to book Andrew Shue or Marilee Fiebig (who is reportedly blindsided by the affair) for interviews.


Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton do a lot of holiday concerts together and I always love looking at Gwen’s hair and makeup looks. Skip the green dress and check out the red and white houndstooth suit in the second shot. It’s exactly her style lane – it’s a stage costume but still unique to her sense of style.