Macaulay Culkin’s Hollywood Walk of Fame speech is so sincere and he deserves so much recognition. For his acting, yes. But also because he is the quintessential childhood star: early fame, the stage father, shady financial dealings from adults in his life, the years of being a punchline only to have it come back around again to being adored. He became a real person and not just a projection of child imprinted on an actor. 


All the good things for Macaulay.



Lainey was just many time zones away and we’ve mostly been texting about sweaters but I need her to see this. NEED. I could text it but the geography of a fart is crucial information we can all use. I can’t help but notice Grace here is wearing a Taylor Swift sweatshirt. Someone get this to Trav because I think he has a sense of humour and she is the rom-com sidekick we need. The SNL writers should immediately hire Grace.



♬ original sound - Grace Reiter

There’s a lot to be said about how celebrities are critiqued in media as the coverage swings from sycophantic to cruel. This piece about B.J. Novak’s ChainFEST food festival is in The Hollywood Reporter because it isn’t a fluff piece. I read the entire thing and still have no idea what exactly B.J. is trying to achieve with his send-up on fast casual restaurants and I think writer Gary Baum does a great job of dissecting the ironic nostalgia and classism that is the underbelly of lot of food-based projects. He writes, “He [B.J.] seems either unaware or uninterested in why or how chain restaurants act as (at times dubious) waystations and mechanisms for the non-famous and non-fashionable to gather and eat affordable food, and how his Chain, by gussying up the menu items and decontextualizing the milieus and generally turning the chosen genre into an absurdist luxury commodity, turns a way of life into a farce.”


Lainey of course beat me to Gwyneth this morning (AGAIN) but I want to point something out: GP made the trip to London for Valentino but she didn’t earlier this week for Bey? Come on now. You can’t turn down an invitation you don’t receive, right? And I can’t believe Gwyneth hasn’t been able to scrub her interview with Rebekah Neumann from the Facebook. It’s like watching the beginning of a Netflix series on a cult because  and the entire time you are thinking “what kind of dumbass would fall for this.”



Julia Roberts didn’t want to engage in TNT talk and Ethan Hawke looks annoyed (lighten up Ethan, we all saw you switch seats for Rihanna). If anyone can relate to Taylor’s spotlight it is Julia. She left one movie star days before their wedding and ran off with his friend, who was another movie star!!!! Iconic behaviour, they don’t make ‘em like they used to etc.