Olivia Wilde is back on Instagram and Harry Styles has continued on as usual (with a total focus on work). We’ll always have the salad dressing. 


Gwyneth Paltrow probably thought she was being positive and helpful with this post but there are two things that are very Goop-y about it. One, this is a paid service that many, many women cannot afford (though it’s a level of preventative health care every person should have access to). And second, there is so much really harmful misinformation in the comments. It’s intent versus impact at work. 


Kirstie Alley has passed away unexpectedly. Her public image has been sticky the last few years but I think we can look back and agree she was a firecracker of an actress, a charismatic comedian and colon cancer is a terrible, horrific thing. 


Drew Barrymore asks a great theoretical question about emojis and Adam Sandler’s answer is very funny and off-the-cuff. My pick would be cucumber or baguette (if you watch the clip, you’ll get it).  


“Rewatch” podcasts are a really popular genre, particularly for shows that are popular on streaming. Katie Lowes and Guillermo Díaz are launching a Scandal podcast and with the current political climate in the US and Scandal’s storylines, it should make for an interesting discussion. Can you imagine Olivia battling QAnon?


Of course Page Six dug up a clip of Amy Robach telling Reese Witherspoon she has some Morning Show plot ideas. These messy horndogs couldn’t wait to get caught. As Lainey wrote about this morning, the media love writing about the media, especially in New York and every crumb will be dissected.