Have you seen the Anya Taylor-Joy tweet about The Queen’s Gambit? It looks like it’s not legit as there were a bunch of bot tweets (seems like she was hacked) and there’s nothing from Netflix. In the year 2023 people are still hacking Twitter to post about iPhone deals? 


Do you get the feeling Valentine’s Day is going to be extra this year? I feel like it’s going to be super extra because so many retailers are in serious, deep trouble right now and Valentine’s Day can be a bump if they can move it away from corniness. Skims did and Business of Fashion has noticed.


Yesterday, Lainey wrote about Angelina Jolie visiting a Guerlain store and this is something we won’t see on her social media. She does what she needs to make money but when it comes to using her voice, she is consistent with her causes so you won’t see it on her Instagram. (Though, unlike some actresses, she ensures her work commitments are fulfilled, even when it’s in-store promo.)

Asking to meet up at 9 pm is an egregious proposition for some of us of a certain age but Cara? I think 9 pm is her afternoon. 


Martin Lawrence and Eddie Murphy’s children are dating?!!!! This is the nepo baby story I want! And Eddie says he’s not paying for the wedding.


In typical grump fashion, Brian Cox is grousing about being in a Super Bowl ad. And while praising Serena Williams, he also managed to shade people in his profession: “I mean, a lot of actors could learn from Serena Williams, I tell you. And just how to focus. With Serena, it’s all do and less chat, there’s no chat. Just do it, get it right. And she does it. She’s pretty impressive.” See that dig at other actors? 


OK, there’s a TikTok video floating around of Bennifer interacting at the Shotgun Wedding premiere after-party. People are making all kinds of assumptions about the state of their marriage and his sobriety (which is a really huge and gross leap to make) and I just want to say this: there’s no context to this video. Have you ever been annoyed with someone you love in public? It happens to celebrities as well. With their every move being watched and recorded. There are too many assumptions being made and people are acting downright gleeful about it. So when we complain about celebrities acting perfect and fake, let’s remember what happens when they let the mask slip for one single second. 


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