Emily Ratajkowski is giving 80s advertising executive who lives in the big city and has been accused of poisoning her lover/boss for stealing her big account. Obviously this is a compliment. 


This guy is agog at the Never Been Kissed plot, breaking down the storylines that would never fly today. I have a simple explanation for all of this: The Nineties. That’s it. There were loads of movies like this – highly inappropriate relationships between high schoolers and adults? Check. A media company with the budget of Google? Check. Incel behaviour disguised as chivalry? Check. A dramatic exclamation of “love” that’s supposed to be romantic but is actually incredibly self-serving? Check. (This is a result of the Say Anything Accord of 1989).  I’m sure Sarah can better explain how the 80s rom-coms (which were even worse) led to these kind of innocuous, but absolutely bonkers, films. You either die a hero or live enough to empathize with Baby’s dad and realize that her and Johnny’s relationship was concerning.


Look, if you are going to get bumped from a cover, this is the couple that will do it. Lisa Rinna is a pro, she gets it. 


I follow this great timepiece account called Dimepiece. It’s all about celebrity, fashion and watches. As noted in the caption, Frank Ocean rarely posts. When he does post it is huge – could this mean new music? So many celebrities play “elusive” but he is actually elusive. The last interview I could find was from 2019.


Ariana Grande has child star energy but she also has theatre kid energy. When she has the ponytail, you know she’s harnessing all of it. So many feelings


Rihanna would very much like to be excluded from this narrative.


Heidi Klum was on Call Her Daddy and said she doesn’t understand why some of the models from her Victoria’s Secret era were uncomfortable at the shows. Heidi was one of their A-listers, very high on the call sheet and already established so I can understand how it was fun – for her. I don’t understand how she doesn’t understand that unknown models might have had a very different experience.