Nina Dobrev and Shaun White are pretty serious and this story in US Weekly has some interesting quotes from unnamed sources. It’s Valentine’s Day, so running stories about couples is standard but there’s also a preview of what might be to come: “Nina has no idea what Shaun has planned up his sleeve, she thinks an engagement is on the horizon in 2023.” So, she kind of does have an idea of what is up his sleeve? Or is this a gentle nudge? It could also be a tease for an engagement announcement. A soft launch.


Gisele said “Happy Valentine’s Day” to her dogs and Tom is somewhere trying to find the best angle for his next selfie. 


Every time Naomi Watts posts a photo of Billy Crudup I say it’s rare but really, it is rare! (And since so many of you have the hots for him, you’re welcome.)


Miranda Kerr posting two photos of basically herself – top tier Valentine’s Day content. This is like when a celebrity posts a flattering photo of themselves for someone else’s birthday. 

Eric Andre and Emily Ratajkowski are not being coy – no cryptic Instagram posts here. My favourite comment is from Benny Blanco: “wait is that @emrata in the back?” Yes it is Benny. Yes it is. 


When photos of Olivia Wilde and Jason Sudeikis hugging came out, it was kind of a big deal because of the previous contentiousness. I know many people think it was a pap setup but I personally don’t. I do have a theory though: the rogue nanny reignited their co-parenting bond. They have a common goal in shutting that down and she’s not going away quietly. The more “boring” they make their continued relationship seem, the less of an appetite there will be for the nanny’s stories. 

If you write a horny tweet about Oscar Isaac just know that John Boyega might find it and send it to him. As if people need another reason to be thirsting over this man. 


If you are Gen X, you know how invested our generation was with the idea of “selling out.” It was a major thing people talked about, it was a culture war. A musical act letting a car company use their song for a commercial or a movie star doing an ad overseas was a mini scandal. Today, monetizing fame means a celebrity is something people actively cheer for, like we saw on Sunday. I read “Selling Out Still Sucks” by Lauren Thiesen for Defector and love how she challenges the “plague of bastardized creativity.” Especially because she doesn’t spare any faves.