Orlando Bloom did a new interview with Flaunt and is making headlines for saying his relationship with Katy Perry is “really, really, really challenging.” Those three “reallys” are doing a lot of work here. 


The demand for Mean Girls is never ending. Tina Fey confirmed there will be a movie musical and she and Tim Meadows will reprise their roles. She also said moving from a Broadway production to a film means the music will be tweaked to a more pop sound. 


A very tiny minority of people are being incredibly dumb about Rihanna and A$AP Rocky, but implying that he is emasculated because he is holding their baby and walking behind her is a new level of stupid f-ckery. Same with the dumbasses saying it’s unhealthy she said they are “best friends with a baby.” Like people think it’s a bad thing to love and support your partner?! The imaginary hand-wringing and reaching for any and every “gotcha” is exhausting. 


Wait, did Miss Tina just announce that Solange is doing a furniture line? 


The “Ladies of Willis/Moore” shared an update on Bruce Willis’s diagnosis of frontotemporal dementia. This sounds incredibly scary and the only upside to this incredibly sh-tty situation is Bruce has his family and the best access to healthcare (which everyone should have). Bruce became a popcorn movie star the old fashion way: TV to film. When I think of his performance, he was so macho (in the most 80s way) but charismatic and cheeky. He showed up and the audience knew this guy was here to handle sh-t. 


There’s a new story in the Daily Mail that Leonardo DiCaprio wants to transform his reputation by getting into a mature romance. Now it’s the Daily Mail, so there’s that. Also, as Lainey has pointed out, Leo doesn’t care what people think. It has not, and will not, impact his career or his social circle. He can do this until he’s 90 and he will be fine. But I can see where the Daily Mail got the seed for this story as Leo did shut down rumours he was dating a teen model (via TMZ and PEOPLE). Maybe doesn’t love the chatter about his modelizing but is that enough for him to swear off clubs and yacht parties and hanging with models on tropical islands? That’s to be determined.