Jake Gyllenhaal shot a Prada campaign in Sardinia and it’s winter, so Italy isn’t overrun with celebrities. Yet. 


I’m predicting Sardinia will be the hot spot for celebrities this year, overtaking the Amalfi Coast as the go-to spot. 


Phillip Seymour Hoffman’s friends are remembering him today. My personal favourite is his introduction in The Talented Mr. Ripley. There have been so many movies I’ve watched over the last 10 years that make the think “Philip Seymour Hoffman would have been amazing in this.” He was the best part of every movie he was in.


Um, I need to read this book ASAP right? Because I can already tell I will be obsessed with the movie. 


Justin Bieber hasn’t released new music in a minute. He also hasn’t confirmed or denied his split from Scooter Braun’s talent roster. (Justin’s day-to-day has been managed by Allison Kaye for years and he and Hailey still follow her. BUT, Allison has also been commenting on Selena Gomez’s post, just generic “love you girl” stuff, which tells me something is amiss. Seriously, how old are these people?! They manage million-dollar empires and use social media like 10th graders.) Justin is only 29 so could have decades ahead of him but the traditional system, with the album cycle and world tour, doesn’t seem to fit him. He’s tried it a couple of times and burns out. The good news is today, there are so many people working outside of that traditional system.


Adele’s Vegas tour had a rough start and has turned into a triumph. In hindsight, postponing it was absolutely the right choice and gave her more time to create a show that she is actually proud of and wants to perform over and over again. Now she can move around to places like Munich for a pop-up concert series. 


The obvious scrubbing of Ivanka and Jared Kushner’s time in the White House is in full force, with glowing articles about how she is investing in things she “believes in.” Have to give them credit for settling in Miami, a strategic choice. They would never be welcomed back in the old money, elite circles of New York and LA is all about the entertainment industry, so no one would be of use to them there. Miami on the other hand – new money, gauche, a mix of celebrities and rich people who need a personality – is the perfect spot for them. The Kardashians have already helped Ivanka, but who will be the one to finally post her on main, with their full chest?