I covered the Selena Gomez/Hailey Bieber/Kylie Jenner social media stuff as a non-story yesterday and as soon as I filed, some stuff did go down. (This is what I get for getting involved in young people business!) After denying she was upset with Kylie Jenner, Selena Gomez commented on a TikTok video of an old clip of Hailey Bieber (Hailey stuck her tongue out and rolled her eyes when Taylor Swift was mentioned). It’s very silly and petty and it seems like Selena regretted jumping into the fray as she later deleted her TikTok, telling fans she needs a break because she’s too old for “this stuff.” (Me too, Selena. Me too.)


I think this is a side-swipe situation because Selena and Taylor always have each other’s backs, that’s a given. And “I’m defending my friend” seems like a way for Selena to comment on Hailey, without making it direct. Selena also shouted out her fans and they go hard for her, too. But all of the noise and incessant, immediate access to fan opinions isn’t productive, so her cutting off the loudest social media (TikTok) and keeping Instagram, is what she needs right now. I’m a big fan of celebrities taking social media breaks, more of them should do it!


Nicole Richie probably understands what Selena (and Hailey) go through as she was at the intersection of fame in the magazine/blog era, she straddled the two. Constant magazine headlines and constant paparazzi photos on the blogs, but little social media (maybe some MySpace, but it wasn’t as chaotic). She’s lived relatively privately for a lot longer than she lived publicly and it’s been years since she sought out press attention. She is in the fame sweet spot. Nothing about her is forced or relying on nostalgia, which is why I think people genuinely really like her. 


David Beckham taking a pancake to the chest (not a sex euphemism). Love Victoria in the background like “flip this freaking thing already, I have work to do.” 


Cardi B. is showing off her community service looks (like the Margiela Tabi boots) and the last celebrity to service fashion like this during community service was, I think, Naomi Campbell.