I didn’t watch the Grammys (self care) and I saw this and thought The Rock won an award. But this is just for presenting. A bit extra, no? It feels like a participation trophy. Who ate these cookies? The Rock is not eating cookies (unless it’s a cheat meal). 


This article isn’t new but I’ve been meaning to post it because it’s such an interesting anecdote about Tom Cruise. First, that he is the person Todd Field thought to call and second, his advice was so risky and confident. And it worked! Under pressure, Tom was able to assess the situation and talk Todd through the issue. It’s not jumping out of a plane, but when you are weeping in the bathroom at a film festival and being bullied by Harvey Weinstein, Tom is the person to call. 


Diddy’s daughter Love in a Mary J. Blige onesie is adorable and the little baby grunt at the end while her big sisters dote on her? Too cute. 

After the controversial push for To Leslie, the campaigning has come to a screeching halt. Andrea Riseborough has not had the Vanity Fair or The Hollywood Reporter profile yet but that doesn’t mean it isn’t coming. But for now, even though she has a lot of support, the nomination feels clouded by a bit of embarrassment. And where is Mary McCormack? Her husband directed the film and she was personally reaching out to other actors. I would be very curious to know if after all this, the film found a larger audience. 


Brandon Davis… I haven’t heard that name in years. It came up because he and Ashley Benson (who was last with G-Eazy, I think?) are dating. The headline is they are both “very social people”. This is what the sources chose to highlight – how much they both like to hang. 


Rom-coms rely on chemistry and Kate Hudson and Matthew McConaughey had it! They matched each other’s sparkle and that’s why How To Lose a Guy in 10 Days stands up 20 years later. Reese Witherspoon and Ashton Kutcher are getting dogged for their milquetoast red carpet poses and my theory on this (I haven’t seen their new movie) is that it checks the rom-com boxes in terms of the formula, but movies aren’t an algorithm and you cannot trick the audience into rooting for characters.