His favourite snack is hummus and carrots and his favourite toy is the yellow excavator. 


Have you ever been silently blamed for a wayward elevator fart even though the elevator was already like that when you got in? Or been given a side-eye in a disgusting washroom, even though you were simply a bystander at the wrong place at the wrong time? This is the danger of public spaces. It happened to D’Arcy Carden. And it happened to her in front of Jennifer Lopez. How do you ever bring that up in conversation? To deny it is to acknowledge the mess, you know? And there’s no way to talk about bodily functions in front of Jennifer Lopez. But, JLo did like this post so hopefully she got a kick out of the anecdote and D’Arcy’s name is cleared. 


Ayo Edebri is really magnetic on The Bear and she will soon be on Abbott Elementary. Yes we are all waiting for Janine and Gregory to get together, but the writers are pacing it perfectly because this is going to be a long-running sitcom. The more characters that can be introduced (like Janine’s sister, played by Ayo) the bigger the world gets. 


La La Land, which famously did not win Best Picture at the Oscars, is going to Broadway with a prestigious and experienced team behind it. The cast hasn’t been announced and a famous name always helps with ticket sales but it’s also a lot of pressure. Emma Stone won an Oscar for her role. So the next actress to tackle it has to contend with that, you know? I’m curious to see who takes it on. 


Barbra Streisand does not rush her work and this memoir is a long time in the making. And it’s over 1000 pages which means we will get dish. We will get details. We will get names and dates. This is gossip homework.