Selena Gomez has had a really good few years of work with Only Murders in the Building, her cooking show on HBOMax, and Rare Beauty, and it was rumoured she and Martin Short and Steve Martin were considered as Oscar hosts but the scheduling didn’t work (that’s a real sliding doors moment). I love her new haircut, it’s fresh and frames her face so well. The way her waves fall and kink and curl in all the right places is really something.


Jonathan Bailey has the timeline in shambles and this interview clip from This Morning won’t help. He talks about how they used a physical barrier for the “shakey-shakey” scenes” and I’m absolutely crying at the brilliant Alison Hammond popping onto his couch for a demonstration. 

Bella Hadid is joining the cast of Ramy as a recurring character. I don’t think she’s acted before, has she? (She played herself on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, which must seems like a million years ago to the Hadids.)  


Kirsten Dunst wore Christian Lacroix to the Oscars and to be honest I was quite surprised as she’s had such a strong relationship with Rodarte over the years, I was sure they would dress her. Many of us have thoroughly enjoyed seeing her and Jesse Plemons during awards season, but we should appreciate they will go back to their normal lives now and in a couple of years, they will pop back up again for work. Retreating from the spotlight is a good thing.


Denzel Washington showed up on Oscar night to support his friend Will and more than fulfilled his role as an elder statesman of Hollywood, a voice and presence that everyone respects. When you see Denzel there, you know there’s an adult in the room and things are being taken care of correctly. And I suspect Ms. Paulette Washington, the person who for many years has been the backbone of the Washington family, has some thoughts on what happened as it was happening. Not that she would ever share them with us. (Here’s a throwback to one of my favourite videos of her telling a story to her son John about her biggest fight with his dad - “I don’t’ care if you Denzel Washington” cracked me up.)

Another day, another celebrity tequila line, this one from Kevin Hart. Is it really going to be called Hard Works Taste Different? Imagine ordering that at a crowded bar. 


Eva Longoria is making a case for orange and I was just looking at orange sneakers, I think I might do it. Oh and she and Victoria Beckham are wearing matching dresses to Brooklyn’s upcoming wedding, which is extremely exciting for me personally.