This photo is the new “guy checking out hot woman” meme, be prepared to see it everywhere. It is a perfect viral moment. One thing I want to draw attention to is Gabrielle Union’s use of emojis, particularly the second one of a squiggly face (I can’t describe it any other way). That emoji has been everywhere Instagram lately, it’s having a moment. Why? How? My theory is that emoji use, like yawning, is contagious.


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Milla Jovovich has “the haircut”.


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Julianne Moore is the latest A-lister to sign on for an Apple project, even though no one seems to know exactly how we are going to watch all of these shows. 


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Mariah Carey and Brett Ratner used to be very close, until James Packer and then the #metoo stories about him came to light. It was his birthday, so he posted a photo of Mariah (probably because she’s ignoring him). She didn’t even like it.


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“I love you on Killing Eve.”