Jeremy Renner is right back to working while recovering from his accident and to me, the headlines are interesting. Last week he visited an amusement park with his family and used a scooter and this was pointed out several times. OK first of all, some people need scooters and it’s not a big deal. Second, amusement parks require a lot of walking. Third, he recently got run over by a snow plow!!!! So the scooter thing seems like a reasonable decision and not really a headline. (Please watch Paul Rudd’s fake Cameo. “Maybe next time just let the snow melt” lol.)


A human size Easter Bunny… nothing more terrifying.


Katherine Schwarzenegger posted for National Siblings Day and it’s pretty glaring she left out her half-brother Joseph Baena (she also turned the comments off). This is obviously a complex situation for the kids, none of whom are responsible for Arnold’s choices but for someone who (quite literally) preaches about being a good person, this is a bit dickish in my opinion. I’ve written about this in the past and received notes from readers whose family have gone through a similar predicament and I can empathize about how confusing and hurtful it is but his mother was the family cleaning lady. Her issue should be with her dad, not his son. She is making a point to not acknowledge him on a public platform so I think it’s fair game to talk about.


I laughed like three times during this trailer – is JLo’s calling to be a camp action star?


This is a really interesting celebrity endorsement: Jennifer Garner for a product that targets thinning hair. This is a huge, kind of unspoken thing for a lot of women (I have a friend who really struggles with hair loss) and I’ve spoken to my hair stylist about it many times as she has said it’s surprisingly common. It’s also a complicated issue because it’s hard to find the root cause: for some women it’s childbirth, for others it’s medication, for some it’s hormonal changes and Covid has also been mentioned by some as a cause of hair loss. But, like any women’s health issue, there’s a lot of snake oil (like “magic” gummies) and false promises. I have no idea if this product is legit but the company is in her comment section answer questions and they don’t seem to be shying away from the tough ones. 


I need someone to hold me and tell me to “f-ck off.”