I’m as skeptical as others about “ring watch” but when Jennifer Lopez doesn’t wear her engagement ring, I take note because it’s the combination of things that have happened: the messy breakup and makeup, the InStyle tribute that was missing a contribution from Alex Rodriguez (even though two of her exes, Marc Anthony and Ben Affleck, contributed). And because it’s JLo and she’s so good at being famous, she doesn’t do things by accident. She doesn’t post a photo of her hand like that and think people aren’t going to talk about it. She knows exactly what will happen, which makes me think that she wants it to happen and this is a message – but is it a message for us or for ARod?


Speaking of ring watch, Kristen Stewart’s girlfriend Dylan Meyer posted a birthday tribute and I can’t be the only one who noticed the band on her left hand, right? Emma Roberts also posted a birthday shot and it’s a great photo of them both, intimate and silly. It can be done.


Britney Spears posted a belated birthday tribute to her sister Jamie and the photo choice is interesting and, in my opinion, deliberate. Think of how many photos she has with her sister over the years – thousands! Yet she chose this one. She’s toying with the comments section and I love that for her.

Oliver Hudson is appearing on Celebrity Family Feud and I wonder who of the Hudson/Hawn/Russell clan will participate – Goldie? Kurt? Kate? Maybe all of them and his brother Wyatt, who is on The Falcon and The Winter Soldier.


Kate Moss, probably the most private of all the supermodels, is getting in the NFT (non-fungible token) game. If you are unsure what an NFT actually is, I’m sorry I can’t help you. I’ve read as much as I can and haven’t absorbed any of it. This might help?


Anna Kendrick’s metallic pleated dress is by Zuhair Murad, definitely not a style that I associate with that house (which is usually about bodycon, feathers, and crystals). But the dress she’s wearing reminds me of two others: Emma Stone in Givenchy and Lainey in Lesley Hampton at the Golden Globes).