Lea Michele’s career and reputation has gone from very cold to very hot in a short amount of time and let’s be honest, her run has been pretty incredible considering where she was two years ago. 


The term “Fyre Festival” has become synonymous with a disastrous event but little Billy is out of prison and ready for a re-launch. I think this crowd will be mostly media there reporting on it, rather than people buying tickets. Influencer power has gone way down since the first time around and no one is spending thousands of dollars on a gag trip in this economy. 


Our favourite chaotic horndogs are back! I cannot wait for the final season of Never Have I Ever and it’s going to take everything in me not to binge it in a day. You know what I’ve never understood about the (very online) criticism about this show? Devi is often blasted (again, online) for making poor decisions. The whole point of being young is making poor decisions! Too many teen-centered TV shows are about kids that are very proper and logical and mature, so when a show comes along that depicts teens as the throbbing hormones they are, some people get all weird about it. 



The Hollywood Reporter has a new power ranking on the top entertainment lawyers and this, to me, is super interesting because the lawyers know everything. Like, everything. There is a strict level of confidentiality between the client and attorney so it’s rare to see a lawyer specifically talking about a case or client. This is really inside baseball stuff as they hammer out the deals that affect not only their client but the industry as a whole, like union negotiations, streaming deals, sexual harassment lawsuits and more. It’s not sexy work, that’s for sure. The Hollywood Reporter hasn’t even posted it on its Instagram page, which is reserved for famous people. 


A League of Their Own on Amazon Prime is renewed for… four episodes. It’s going to be its last, at least on this streamer. How this deal made sense, I do not know. 


Jamie Foxx’s daughter Corinne released a statement about his health incident with few details but the most important part is he is recovering. Clearly a scary situation and considering it happened on set, the cast and crew has been very tight-lipped because usually this type of thing is immediately leaked. We didn’t hear about it until Corinne let us know and maybe it was to beat a story that was coming out but either way, the family controls the story now which is exactly what his team would want in a serious situation like this. You don’t want TMZ sniffing around the hospital.