Did you catch Run this weekend? It’s an emotional thriller (meaning there’s a lot of feelings, but there’s no physical danger). It centers around two former college sweethearts (Domhnall Gleeson and Merritt Wever) who set into motion an escape from their regular lives with one word: “RUN.” This is HBO so we didn’t get a full season to binge: it’s just one episode, a promising tease. There’s the fantasy of running away from the day-to-day drudgery of life to go on an adventure with the “one who got away” and then there’s the reality of two people who haven’t seen one another in 15 years crashing into their disappointments with how things turned out (like his smarmy job and her unfulfilled career dreams). Because it airs one episode a week, it can be a group watch.


Miranda Lambert is a animal wellness advocate – she did not visit the tigers. You can read her caption and comment for why she met Joe (or as we know him, Joe Exotic) but it wasn’t a trip to the zoo. Also, she could play Carole Baskin, right? Beyond that, are we sick of Tiger King yet? I’m so sick of it, mainly because I just wanted every single person to get eaten by a tiger. It wasn’t that good of a documentary, it benefitted from a pandemic audience.

Author Celeste Ng (Little Fires Everywhere) is correct: Lilo and Stitch is an underrated gem. It’s salty and funny and warm, there’s no princess or prince to care about. It’s about family but because it’s Disney, a couple of parents need to be taken out, leaving Lilo an orphan in the care of her exasperated sister. If you haven’t yet, try to add this to the rotation of “quiet time.”


Taylor Swift did a rare personal post on Instagram for her brother but her fans are already tying it into the possible release of her re-recordings (remember, she said she was going to do that). Something about the birthday and the crown – I don’t know. Some rabbit holes are fun to fall down and Swiftie theories is not one of those holes. 

We already know Bruce Willis is quarantining with Demi Moore and his older daughters, rather than his wife Emma and his younger daughters. It’s made a few headlines, Emma has commented on the photos – it’s a thing, and I would suspect they know it’s a thing and are getting a kick out of it. They don’t address it directly in the comments but have clarified that yes, he is with them. Demi and Bruce have been famous for decades. They aren’t new to this. 


Demi Lovato is on the cover of Harper’s Bazaar (there’s another cover shot here – the orange dress is amazing) and she’s wearing Valentino. I wonder if this was a preview for the Met Gala? Would she have been at the Valentino table? As for the interview, there’s some juice here. Demi is pretty candid, and always has been, so she answers honestly when asked about her current status with the JoBros, Miley Cyrus and Selena Gomez. As the headlines trickle out and the fandoms jump in, I think she’ll have more to say on social media.