Gigi Hadid’s vodka pasta is a go-to in my recipe rotation (I sub the green onion for a shallot) so I trust her opinion on food. She says Taylor Swift makes a great Bolognese and this has piqued my curiosity because it’s a very time-consuming sauce and there are a lot of variables between recipes. You know who makes a great Bolognese? Tom Hiddleston. In fact, his sauce was a huge part of his post-Taylor breakup profile with Taffy Brodesser-Akner. So are you thinking what I’m thinking? What if it’s the same recipe?


When a couple breaks up they can split possessions and give each other back their favourite sweatpants but a recipe is not tangible. Once someone knows the secret to your sauce, you can’t take it back. 


Brooklyn Peltz-Beckham gets so much sh-t so I can appreciate the humour here. Nothing wrong with a little self-awareness. 

In a case of Hollywood Sliding Doors, Toni Collette turned down Bridget Jones’s Diary?! I just rewatched the first one, it holds up. And she’s right, it all worked out in the end.


As we’ve all heard, Jake Gyllenhaal is not someone who can be described as “game” when it comes to interviews, especially on the red carpet. But he seems game on Hot Ones. But that show is like SNL – don’t go on if you aren’t willing to play. 


Molly Shannon, an SNL legend, practicing her monologue in the chair like the pro she is. Look how after all these years she’s still excited enough to rehearse until the last minute. She’s never phoning it in.

There’s a huge disconnect between James Corden’s professional reputation and his online reputation. Other celebrities love him. Kind of like Ellen actually. 


We’ve been talking a lot about the disconnect when celebrities launch a new product that doesn’t fit their brand but one company that completely makes sense is Blake Lively’s Betty Buzz. It’s not new but I feel like it’s growing and, like Aviation Gin, will likely be acquired (maybe by an alcohol conglomerate like Diageo). Blake, like JLo, is a known teetotaler so non-alcoholic mixers in retro packing is a perfect fit.