Romeo and Juliet, Katie and Hubbell, Bella and Edward – these couples have nothing on the greatest romance of our time, Dina Lohan and the online boyfriend that she never met in person. Like most iconic loves, it wasn’t built to last


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Do you know what’s special about this Catherine Zeta-Jones post? The comment from Mariah Carey. I don’t know if I’ve ever seen Mariah comment on another person’s post, but she really did it on this – with an emoji. Are they friends? I need some insight into this as soon as possible. I did a quick search for photos and nothing came up, but I could totally see it. 


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John Legend of course made the DILFs of Disneyland page, which I didn’t know was a thing until now. Celebrities seem to get special privileges at Disneyland, but am I naïve to think it’s not free? Disney parks would charge people to breathe if they could, so I’m doubtful that anyone is getting a literal free ride. But I do wonder if the tour guides have to sign an NDA and how those are assigned – like who gets to escort Beyoncé around for the day? She used to go with Julez when he was young. 


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I always make fun of the people dressed like assholes at Coachella but Idris Elba is not included in that. He’s douche-proof.


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Is Diane Keaton powerful enough to bring back JNCO jeans?   


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Until now, I’ve been aware of but also half-ignoring mentions of Billie Eilish, but it seems like she was a very big presence at Coachella. Everyone wants to feed off that new star energy.


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Anna Wintour gave a shout-out to the Duchess of Sussex as style inspiration which is not surprising. Can an active (is that the right word?) royal cover Vogue? I know Princess Di did (there’s a story on it here), but I don’t really understand how the rules apply, particularly as there seems to be a different set for Meghan. If she were to do Vogue, it would have to be UK, right? Or if Anna could let go of her ego a bit, a joint American-UK cover would be the way to go. 


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