Kyra Sedgwick was on The Drew Barrymore Show and pulled out a great anecdote about Tom Cruise, a star-studded dinner party, and a panic button (starts around the 2 minute mark). This is my favourite kind of pre-planned talk show segment, when one celebrity talks about another, more-famous celebrity. Kyra’s anecdote is harmless because she comes off as slightly snoopy (who wouldn’t be at Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman’s house) and Tom comes off as gracious, so everyone wins. (Starts around 2 minute mark, but if you watch from the beginning you’ll also hear about Kevin Bacon giving her an at-home bikini wax.)



“Golf movie” is a genre: Happy Gilmore, Caddyshack (which I loathe), Tin Cup, The Greatest Game Ever Played, The Legend of Bagger Vance. The sport is due for a fresh take and I’m very into Renee Zellweger as a former pro who gave up her career for her family and 25 years later gets back in the game. The Back Nine will be directed by Michael Patrick King, who has the most confusing list of credits – how can someone who created The Comeback have written and directed Sex and the City 2? My brain can’t connect those two things.


Look I’m not trying to start anything but I’m, um, a little concerned about Michael B. Jordan and Lori Harvey. To be clear, they still like each other’s posts but there have been no new photos, not even for Easter. And Michael has been posting moody landscape photos in his Instagram – is he in his feelings or does he just really like sunsets?

The Beckhams have been in Miami for a fair bit as David works to reshape his football club, which had a rocky first season. This is a long-term investment of time and money for him and it’s also a case study for a post-pro athlete career. At first he became a glorified model (“spokesperson”) for brands, which has evolved into several of his own lines (including sunglasses, and an attempt at skin care and fashion) and now he’s moving into reality TV. His production company announced Save Our Squad for Disney+, which will see him return to East London to mentor a team. It’s directly in line with his work so far, a good choice for a first television production project. And he should definitely ask Victoria to cameo, she’s very funny in these setups. 


Machine Gun Kelly is coming out with a unisex nail polish line (isn’t all nail polish gender unisex?) and I would say he has an uphill battle. Two brands majorly dominate the market and there’s so much incredible nail art on Instagram and TikTok, I wonder what the response will be.


This morning Lainey wrote about the end of JLo and ARod, for real this time. And yes I know a lot of people are thinking of a Bennifer reunion, but can I make a suggestion? It’s been a garbage year and I think we need to aim higher, shoot for the stars! Let’s get loud, as JLo would say. Let’s get someone on her level. ARod is famous of course and he dated other celebs, but he was not an icon outside of the sports world. She brought him along for the ride. If we are really talking one-name wonders, who could possibly live up to her star power? Who could understand being in the spotlight for years on end? Who is unattached and not a partier? (JLo lives clean, no drinking or smoking and obviously no drugs.) I don’t even know if I should put this name forward because it’s so huge, it would shake the very foundation of the gossip world as we know it. But I can’t not say it: Brad Pitt. THINK ABOUT IT. They both have kids around the same age. He lives in LA full-time now. They are mega one-name wonders. I looked online to see if they’ve ever crossed paths and there are photos of her and Angelina Jolie at The Curious Case of Benjamin Button premiere, but I couldn’t find any photo evidence that she and Brad have met. Come on, tell me this isn’t checking every single gossip box. (Yes, I know when she was on Ellen she chose Harry Styles over Brad Pitt but that would make a cute anecdote for their future talk show appearances.)