Maria will be back tomorrow when we return to regular gossip schedule. Until then, I’m still subbing in for her and I feel like she would want me to mention Vanessa Hudgens, since it was weekend one of Coachella 2022 and there are few celebrities as associated with Coachella as Vanessa. I think she knows this too. “Reporting for duty” would suggest that she’s fully aware, in fact.  


Oh but… like… is this what Coachella is really about? After all these years, and I’m only just know learning it.  

The Kardashians have permeated almost every corner of Hollywood but, amazingly, I feel like they have a relatively quiet Coachella connection? There’s been a LOT happening in that family lately, but the way I see it, this has to rank high in terms of accomplishments for Kourtney. A birthday shoutout from the Queen:  


Speaking of Beyoncé, Miss Tina is making her acting debut in a Lifetime movie starring Michelle Williams called Wrath: A Seven Deadly Sins Story. Miss Tina is playing Michelle’s mother and she was on the Tamron Hall Show to promote it. Of course she has an acting coach. Of course it’s who you think it is:  

Brie Larson ask an important question. The correct answer is SNACK. And if you feel differently then we are not food soulmates. Like if I showed up somewhere and a charcuterie board was presented, I’d be delighted. But then if nothing else came after the charcuterie board? Like the board is supposed to be the main course? Well I’d be getting a real dinner after the non-dinner that was just served.  


News broke last week that Ali Wong and Justin Hakuta are divorcing. Parade, which is not a small media outlet, did a racism in their coverage of the situation. Jae Suh Park, who is married to Randall Park, proves that the wife is always the last to know.  

Racialised people have been finding humour out of pain forever out of necessity but…you know… it would be nice if they could just be funny not as a coping strategy.  


That said, you know what the perfect antidote to that sh-tty experience was for Jae Suh? BTS, obviously. She’s ARMY. Big ARMY. And she was in Vegas this weekend for the second weekend of BTS’s residency:  

Which means… no doubt…she knows about the big announcement. BTS’s comeback is official. New album June 10. So just in time for Festa. For the novices here, or the uninitiated, Festa is BTS’s anniversary celebration. It takes place over two weeks or so as every year RM, Jin, Suga, j-hope, Jimin, V, and Jungkook roll out a sh-t load of content for ARMY. This year it’s a whole ass new album! Which will probably be accompanied by a tour announcement! So I’m already panicking about not being able to get tickets. Heads up to everyone I know in Toronto – I will be f-cking shameless in my ticket pursuit. For BTS, I will exhaust every possible connection I have. And I will not be sorry!