Eminem has been taking selfies at Coachella – he’s really bad at it.


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Gwen Stefani and Chance should definitely link up for new music. But does this mean Chance doesn’t have Pharrell’s phone number? Because if he did, he could just ask Pharrell to pass along the message.

After seeing Lola Kirke’s post, I looked up this piece in The New Yorker. The critic paired his review of Gemini with a review of Unsane in which he focuses on Claire Foy’s former role as Queen Elizabeth. As for Kirke, here is the quote she is referring to: The role is hardly flattering; most of the time, she wears big jeans and a baggy gray top, while sporting the haircut from hell—brown bangs cut straight across, as if by a six-year-old with blunt scissors. Talk about unsane. Kirke, however, who made such an impact, in “Mistress America” (2015), requires no disguise; she is sphinxlike enough as it is. He seems befuddled by the very idea that she would not look like “herself” (as he sees her), even when she’s in character and that character is in disguise. He’s doing a “well, actually” on her wardrobe. 


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Game of Thrones hasn’t wrapped yet? When is this goddamn show going to air? (And if you want to read what I think is the most comprehensive and logical breakdown of who will take the throne in the end, click here). 


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I liked Priyanka’s showing at the MET Gala last year and I’m looking forward to seeing what she will wear to Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s wedding. Unless she is a bridesmaid and has no choice in her dress. Speaking of, do you think bridesmaids will be a bigger deal for Meghan than they were for Kate? I didn’t remember anyone from Kate’s party (aside from Pippa) – I had to look up photos. I feel like Meghan’s bridal party will be more memorable because we might already be familiar with some of them.


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No one is happier than Snoop Dogg today.

Oh sh-t guys, the Gallagher brother feud has gone Shakespearean. Liam has posted a screenshot from a conversation that is apparently between Noel and his daughter, Anais, in which Noel calls Liam an “astonishing knob” and a “c—t.” This all goes back to the One Manchester benefit, at which Liam appeared and Noel did not. But what I want to know is, how did Liam get a screenshot from Anais’ phone?