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If climate change is the thing that keeps you up at night, I have good news – Lindsay Lohan is on the case. 


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Sofia Vergara has Game of Thrones viewing parties with her friends. There are four episodes left – she’s done a cake, blanket, and t-shirt. She is clearly committed to this so what will the finale look like? A replica iron throne is really the only option.


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Kevin Hart is going Goop with his new vitamin line, Vita Hustle. So many supplement lines use the word “vita” – why didn’t they go with Hart Hustle? There’s a pair of Nikes that are named Hustle Hart, so maybe they couldn’t get the trademark. Kevin Hart is just so into his business and his brand, it seems like a missed opportunity to put his name on something. 


The Beckhams are in LA for Easter break and the story the UK tabloids have been focusing on is Brooklyn and his girlfriend, Hana Cross (because there’s no real story with David and Victoria). Brooklyn and Hana, who are pretty serious (she’s traveling with his family), have been having anguished and public arguments – with tears! They are both in their early 20s, so I don’t think this is unusual; the argument or the quick make-up followed by an Instagram post. Brooklyn gets pretty intense about  his girlfriends, and if I had to make a guess, I would go with an engagement over a break-up for these two. 


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The Seven Kingdoms would be so lucky!


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