To be quite honest, I only know about Jana Kramer and Mike Caussin because they spoke very openly about his cheating and their relationship was constantly making headlines. They’ve kind of branded themselves as marriage survivors, so I wonder how she will pivot that to a divorce.


Irina Shayk and Bradley Cooper had a drama-free breakup and co-parenting has gone the same way. We don’t know what their system is because they don’t talk about it, but it seems like when it comes to raising a child together, they both chose right too.  

Pharrell debuted The Good Time Hotel in Miami Beach with a splashy opening (Kim Kardashian, the Beckhams, and Chris Rock were there). I haven’t traveled in over a year and have no plans to do so anytime soon but looking at the photos is giving me major vacation envy. I’ve never been to Miami but when I go I want to stay somewhere like this, lots of pinks and wicker furniture. And I’m going to wear so many caftans.


I listened to Julia Louis-Dreyfus on the SmartLess podcast (hosted by Jason Bateman, Sean Hayes and Will Arnett) and she dropped an anecdote about seeing Barbra Streisand at an event and mustering the courage to go say hello and tell Babs what a huge fan she is and Barbara mistook her for wait staff. The perfect celebrity anecdote.


Gary Janetti’s The Prince is going forward at HBO Max and he posted the first preview, a clip of Prince George “going live” for an Easter egg craft. The joke leans on the ridiculousness of social media, which is a safe place for the writers to put the focus, but the accent is a lot like Stewie from Family Guy (Gary was a writer on that show) and drops off into something I can’t place my finger on. It was distracting. Very curious to see how this show is received. 

It’s Earth Day and a lot of people are posting about it, including Leonardo DiCaprio, who has focused his philanthropy in this area for years. He often posts videos to his social media about ecological issues and I wonder why he doesn’t, just sometimes, appear in the videos himself or even write a personal caption. The advantage of being private is that celebs can then use the pent-up demand for something they really care about (like promoting a project or cause). I get that he doesn’t want to post a picture of his brunch but social media is a hub of activism, so why not get his fame to work for him in that space.


The first teaser for Girls5Eva was posted to Busy Philipps’ Instagram and it seems… stilted? Awkward? Maybe that’s the intentional vibe, I don’t know. I need to see a full trailer. 

This has got to be the hottest press kit going around right now. This is the Ivy Park drop of cannabis.