This morning Lainey sent me a Twitter thread written by @fairycakes (thank you to Lily who sent it in) about the manic pixie celebrity nepotism interview. The entire thread is incredible, but my favourite is “I hate the word privilege.” We’ve read this interview many times over, from Lily-Rose Depp to Gwyneth Paltrow (remember how she was first cast by her godfather Steven Spielberg, who had to beg her to play Tinkerbell?). The argument is always that they work hard and are talented, which they do and are. No one is disputing that. The fact that their parents got them an agent, or an audition, or fostered connections, is always dismissed because they still do the work to keep their spot – and that’s where the dissonance comes in. For regular people, the hardest part is getting near the decision makers and celebrity offspring rarely acknowledge that the precious few spots for working actors and models are accessible to them until they f-ck up – they are expected to take up that space unless they choose not to. There’s a lot of Hollywood progeny in the young actress pool right now: Margaret Qualley, Zoey Deutch, and Maya Hawke come to mind. Maya’s most recent interview with the relaunched Nylon magazine hits all of the nepotism marks – Sofia Coppola describes her as “fearless” while Maya spouts Chekov and she’s described as, what else, a “poetry and drama nerd.” My favourite part of the profile is when Maya’s dream of going to school in Massachusetts is crushed because of her SAT scores: “When she realized that her SAT scores would nullify her application, she broke down crying and started applying to drama schools. After a year at Juilliard, she snagged the role of Jo March in the BBC’s 2017 episodic adaptation of Little Women, and dropped out of school.” Her backup school was Juilliard!!!!!! Hahahahahahahahaha. (Read @fairycakes entire thread; these are a few of my favourite.)


Kate Hudson was supposed to be a Rebecca. What do you think she would go by – Becca? Becky? Becks? Rebby? Or maybe just Rebecca, because she goes by Kate and not Katie. 

To keep in theme with their mother/daughter cover, PEOPLE included Chrissy Teigen and her mother Vilailuck “Pepper Thai” in their Beautiful issue. Chrissy posted it and congratulated her mom, and Pepper posted it and didn’t mention Chrissy. If you were raised by an immigrant mom, you recognize the flex. Pepper is single now (she and Chrissy’s dad divorced sometime last year) – do you think Chrissy and John try to set her up with men? She lives with them so it would have to be someone they really like. 


A long-time reader (hello Jenn!) sent this into me and she’s right, these unproblematic faves deserve some shine. 

An unexpected consequence of all the Zoom and FaceTime meetings is that we get to see inside the homes of celebrities, journalists, and our coworkers. Room Raters does exactly what the name implies and I disagree with a lot of their judgements. For example, Gayle King’s kitchen merits higher than a 7/10. I’m a big fan of wallpaper and can’t get enough of it. Also, peep her houndstooth dining chairs in the background.