“Framed sports jersey” is very specific design choice that I am not all surprised to see Nick Lachey embrace.


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There’s no way to wear a black suit with a red tie and not look like a magician. Or a waiter at an affordable Italian chain restaurant that serves lasagna nachos and fried gnocchi as an appetizer. (I HATE fried gnocchi – why is everyone doing this? Gnocchi is meant to be soft pillows of deliciousness, not crispy. Ugh.)


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If receiving flowers on one’s birthday is a sign of popularity, how popular is Jen Meyer? I’m going to guess who sent flowers. This would be my list: Derek Blasberg, Gwyneth Paltrow, Jennifer Aniston, the Foster sisters, Rachel Zoe, Kate Hudson, Uncle Leo, Lorraine Schwartz, Scooter Braun and his wife Yael, Dasha Zhukova and Wendi Deng. Maybe Tobey Maguire? Or maybe he’s too cheap.


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Karlie Kloss is in the Middle East right now, posting a few photos, like this one with Ellie Goulding. So again, squad adjacent. A sign that things are good with Taylor, or subterfuge. Taylor leaned heavily on her squad for 1989, and then shed them for reputation. Maybe some are feeling a little discarded.


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I’m becoming increasingly consumed with the upcoming Met Gala. Seeing this picture of Jennifer Connelly, I wondered if she had ever been (I couldn’t remember). She has, many times. In some decent dresses, particularly last year. Jennifer takes some fashion chances, yet I can’t recall a single on of her outfits off the top of my head. Is it because she has such a compelling face?

Kelly Ripa would never be allowed to use the term “DP” on her show, but anything goes with Andy. And the clip is cute – it’s like she’s trying to impress him.  


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Does Chris Pratt have any Avengers co-stars that he could fall in love with on this press tour? Because I’m still holding out for Jennifer Garner. 


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She’s probably wearing like $15,000 worth of clothes. So why does she look such a mess? The whole point of Gucci right now is to be ostentatious to the point of tacky. Still, there has to be some finesse to the tacky, something to offset it, like a tight ponytail or minimalist jewelry. Between the poorly tied scarf, the silk blouse under the boxy jacket, the rings, the white nails, the messy hair – it’s sloppy. Which, fine, Jessica Simpson isn’t exactly known for being super tight with her looks. But what does she have against a cuffed pant? 


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