The Internet is not ready for another round of discourse about this man. Society is too invested in John Mulaney. The good news is Twitter is pretty broken and Instagram comments can be limited.


Madonna gets a lot of flack for her Instagram but if you have a minute, read this caption. So much of what shaped her is the loss of her mother at a young age and she was constantly channeling and reshaping that grief in her work. Even now she still has that lens.


I know Guy Ritchie makes real movies but to me they look like movies that are playing in the background of a TV show. I can’t explain it. But my question is: who watches Guy Ritchie movies? Like who is the audience? I can’t think of anyone I know who is a hardcore Guy Ritchie fan. (Also did not mean to post him back-to-back with Madonna, it just worked out that way.)


Izzy Grinspan wrote about TV’s most “handsome monster” for Harper’s BAZAAR and it’s true – this guy (as a TV character, not a person) sucks and f-cks. When he took his anorak off and his shirt rode up, exposing his stomach? That’s cinema baby. Alex has deleted his “secret” Instagram account @rexdanger so I checked to see if his bestie Jack McBrayer had an account but I couldn’t find one. They still find plenty of opportunities to be weird together


What happens on vacation stays on vacation. 😂 We’re here with Alexander Skarsgård and his friend Jack Mcbrayer at the premiere of INFINITYPOOL.

♬ original sound - Sundance Institute

I miss The White Lotus content, it felt like a truly unifying experience. Meghan Fahy posted about The Daily Front Row party (whoever did the PR and celebrity wrangling for that event deserves a raise) but I’m more interested in her photo dump. Leo Woodall commented “Clink clink x” – he was not tagged. But from this comment we know it’s on and that he wants us to know it’s on. 


Liam Gallagher will not be paying for a blue check and has continued tweeting as usual. Even after that site turns to dust Liam will be there, tweeting “bumbaclarts” and “beautiful people” and Oasis lyrics.