How does Yara Shahidi make Brooks Brothers look this cool? 


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UnREAL’s season three finale has aired and season four has already wrapped (it will be a shortened season). Did the show ever rebound from its atrocious second season? Yes and no. Yes in that it refocused on Quinn and Rachel, unabashedly so. It was made clear that these were the only two people we were supposed to care about and root for in the long run. But it never recaptured the electricity of its first season. And whether that’s because that kind of energy is impossible to sustain, or it was snuffed out by dumbass season two, will always be a mystery.


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Remember Jessica Simpson’s sloppy ass look from yesterday? This is Cate Blanchett in a Gucci suit. Look at the styling here: the blouse is sheer so as not to be too heavy and stiff under the silk fabric of the suit, the jewellery is ornate but not eye-catching, the hair is simple, the makeup is demure – all deliberate choices to offset the uniqueness of the suit. 


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I’m curious about Chelsea Handler’s social circle these days, because she loves an A-lister but, without a talk show, it’s harder to gauge who she’s pulling favours from. We know she’s on the outs with Jennifer Aniston, but she was at Gwyneth Paltrow’s engagement party. Did they cross paths there – a cool “hello” and head nod, or a total freeze? I think Aniston does the total freeze. 


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Cobie Smulders is a good daughter who posted an advert for Dad’s dental practice and offered up a testimonial. She’s never had a cavity! I don’t think I even know anyone who has never had a cavity. 


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Lindsay Lohan couldn’t save her family’s home – it has finally been foreclosed on. Maybe this is wishful thinking, but perhaps she chose not to save her mom’s house because it wouldn’t be financially responsible and it is ultimately Dina’s responsibility. More likely, she didn’t have $1 million to spare. 


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So many children of celebrities become models, it is not even worth listing them. Look at these  celebrities, from Daniel Day-Lewis to Harry Hamlin to Ewan McGregor to Julianne Moore… brands seek out these last names for their campaigns. Is Patrick and Jillian Dempsey’s daughter next?


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