This headline made me laugh: Lea Michele Will Return to the Place Where She got Married for a One-Night-Only Concert. How the f-ck am I supposed to know where Lea Michele got married? It’s not like she got married at Wembley Stadium or Coachella or Grande Ole Opry. But the clickbait worked: it’s a winery. (Lea is also making headlines for showing her best friend her vagina for research purposes, which I feel isn’t that big of a deal? I think that’s a good friend.)


Victoria Beckham has launched an off-shoot of her fashion line, Victoria Beckham Body, shapewear-as-clothing, which lines like Spanx and Skims are already doing. It’s a small collection and like most VB pieces, pricey. The cheapest item is a bandeau top for £90. It’s a touchy subject but as the brand is running ads for this, it’s impossible not to notice how uniformly thin all of the models are. There’s absolutely no variety in shapes to the shapewear and I think it’s a misstep. 


Dead to Me has wrapped, which means a trailer is coming, maybe this summer? Or fall. It’s been a long wait as there have been Covid delays and star Christina Applegate needing a pause for her health. A tight three seasons and going out without driving the storyline into the ground is ideal for this genre of show, a mix of “true crime” style mystery and dark humour. 

Truthfully I’ve never thought about late night talk show hosts wearing suits. And this brings up an interesting question: what if the hosts (like the Jimmys, James, and Stephen, but not Noah because The Daily Show is a newsdesk so it makes more sense for him) gave up suits and had to dress themselves in something different every day, like Oprah did or Samantha Bee does. What would that look like? Just a lot of dark button-downs?


Shailene Woodley and Aaron Rodgers didn’t stick and have broken up again. On another note, the cliché caption has a bit of a deeper meaning as Aaron and his brothers Jordan and Luke don’t speak (as has been discussed publicly by Aaron’s family several times), which everyone found out about because Jordan used it as a storyline on The Bachelor.


Paulina Gretzky has released photos of her two wedding dresses and this pleases me so much. It’s exactly what I imagined her dresses would look like. The social media release was purposeful because PEOPLE announced they were married but didn’t have any photos. Was there a negotiation with another magazine or did PEOPLE not want to pony up any cash?