Lea Michele celebrated her anniversary with a very toned-down post, not a single wedding photo has been posted at the time I wrote this. She’s exited the (Borat voice) “My wife!!!” era. 


Vanessa Lachey posted (then deleted) a photo of her and Nick hosting season two of Love At First Sight. Maybe it’s super secret? 

Now I’m trying to resist looking up all the couples from that show but I needed to check in on these two. I’m relieved enough to get on with my day.

Zoe Kravitz is messing with us every chance she gets and I love it. She’s the kind of chaotic good we need in gossip right now. (Page Six said they are working on something for The Row, which is tagged here.)


Gabrielle Union has written a second book, You Got Anything Stronger? and she and Dwyane Wade are on the cover of PEOPLE together this week. Over the last few years, Gabrielle has nurtured her own brand (clothing at New York & Company; hair care line Flawless) and has, many times over, spoken up about systemic issues in Hollywood, including going public with concerns about her time at America’s Got Talent. While Black actresses are sometimes lauded for speaking up, they are very rarely rewarded by that same system with more work and equitable pay. With Gabrielle’s acting range and popularity, she should have her pick of acting projects. She can do comedy and drama. She can do movies and TV. She should be turning down jobs left and right, but I suspect this is not what’s happening behind the scenes. 


Paulina Porizkova and Aaron Sorkin showed up at the Oscars. I hope she is doing well. She seems happy. I guess after spending your life with a mercurial rock star and being cut out of his will at the end of his life, there’s nowhere to go but up. How much do you think Aaron Sorkin talks in his real life? Like is it a constant monologue?

Gushing over babies is hardly a pastime here at LaineyGossip but Wyatt Cooper is too adorable, he looks like such a good snuggler. A very chunky monkey.

I’ve never heard the term “pocket pussy” before and probably won’t ever hear it again.


Shalom Harlow, Amber Valletta, and Carolyn Murphy are on the cover of WSJ Magazine celebrating their friendship. They may also be promoting a project, I haven’t read the full piece yet but it’s an interesting choice for a business magazine. It’s definitely meant to be mood-lifting.

Are Max Mingella and Elle Fanning still dating? My nosy ass would very much like to know.