I keep saying major league baseball is having a moment and you know what goes with that? Gossip! Reporter Marly Rivera has been let go from ESPN for calling another reporter a “f-cking c-nt.” 


C-nt is a controversial word, right? At least in North America it’s heated, but in the UK it’s more casual, I think. It seems like these two have beef that goes beyond this and Ivón Gaete, the reporter on the receiving end of the insult, is married to the MLB Vice President of Communications. Aaron Judge did a great job of putting on a happy face while all the drama was going down because you know he was trying to keep track of the fight and do his job. Sports gossip is as messy as Hollywood.


Both Ariana Huffington and Padma Lakshmi commented on Ozempic at the TIME 100 Gala and you can read both of their quotes here. TLDR is Ariana talks about “changing food habits” and Padma questions why women in particular feel the need to use it. 


More from the TIME 100 Gala with Lea Michele in vintage Mugler. Interesting that there is no stylist tagged (she has worked with both Brad Goreski and Estee Stanley), but she tagged the vintage studio and the jewelery designer. 


I remember this scene. It was complete mayhem. I can’t recall the context (it was a car accident but the details escape me), but it doesn’t really matter. If Twitter had existed, it would have disintegrated after this scene. Also, why hasn’t this show been rebooted? There’s been talk but it hasn’t happened. They can all be influencers and content creators and fledgling YouTube stars now. 


Many people were obsessed with Cheer during Covid lockdown but I never got into it and found it depressing, not compelling. There’s been a lot of awful stuff that’s come out of it. But I have a theory on Covid-consumed media: let’s let it go. We were all scared and anxious and unsure of the future so we can be excused from our poor TV choices, but that doesn’t mean we need to keep repeating them. (Yes, I’m talking about Tiger King, too.) Not everything needs to be a cultural touchstone. 

Smokey Robinson is talking about knocking boots with Diana Ross, a big headline. He was married, she was establishing her career at Motown – two bright stars and a tale as old as time.