One unexpected inconvenience of this pandemic has been the need for a printer. It started last March with home schooling and, judging by my Twitter feed, I am not the only one with this problem. Turns out people are expected to have printers in their homes? This is absolutely wild to me because I find them to be cumbersome and they never, ever work when the time comes. Printers are a finicky bitch that belong in an office where someone named Dale will roll his eyes and huff and puff when he becomes the go-to printer tech guy (even though he secretly loves it). The last person I would expect to have a printer in his apartment is Timothée Chamalet, but maybe he needs to print scripts. It’s so big. Does Timmy go to Office Depot to refill ink because that’s the other thing, printers are always low on ink. A cartridge prints three pages, max. 


Salma Hayek and Penelope Cruz are long-time friends and you know it’s a genuine relationship because Penelope pranked Salma on Punk’d with that giant poo. Remember? Salma kept asking “why would you show me this?” which is a fair question. 


In addition to Gwyneth’s life in looks which Lainey just posted about, she’s going cruising! She was supposed to take part in a Goop celebrity cruise in the summer of 2020 but for obvious reasons it was postponed. She’s reupped on the idea and will take it even further by joining the Celebrity Cruises team as a wellness advisor. Isn’t the first step of wellness to not get onto a floating petri dish of germs? I mean damn, it would take more than jade eggs to get me anywhere near a cruise for a long time. But with Gwyneth, the discourse around her work is all part of it. People are already making fun of this cruise online and she’s said outright she does things for clicks (or a “cultural firestorm”), so this has already paid off for her. It’s not about the cruise, but how much people talk about the cruise. 


Paulina Gretzky and Dustin Johnson have been engaged for a long time but I guess things are in motion because she’s working with Vera Wang. What’s the prediction here – plunging body-con or sheer top and princess skirt? I’m predicting it will be a two-piece look, crop top and skirt. 


Tom Brady wished Bridget Moynahan a Happy Birthday in his Instagram stories, which is a very diplomatic way to do it. He’s acknowledging it but it’s not going to live on his feed and no one can comment. 

Tom Brady wishes Bridget Moynahan a Happy Birthday in his Instagram stories