I really don’t want to wade into the latest Chris Pratt skirmish, but it is trending on Twitter so here we are. The “best Chris” discourse is tired, as is the flurry of calls demanding Chris Pratt be recast or fired. Directors are not firing someone from a Marvel franchise for anything other than a significant scandal and the Twitter conversation around Chris Pratt does not line up with real-life opinions about him (there are many celebrities this applies to). And most important, he has support from the studio and the Avengers. James Gunn supports him. Marvel, Star Wars and DC all have demanding subsections of the fandom and I don’t think creative teams should acquiesce to their opinions but it would be nice, as many have pointed out, if other actors who aren’t giant movie stars got the same level of explicit support. 


How did Chris Martin and Dakota Johnson end up at Barbra Streisand’s tea party? My first guess was Babs and Dakota’s mom Melanie Griffith are friends but a quick Google search led me to this 1987 PEOPLE cover of Barbra and Don Johnson. Movie stars in the 80s were great at gossip.


Diane Kruger is wearing a woven bucket hat, which I highly recommend. I bought one a month back and use it all the time. It’s good face and back-of-neck coverage and lighter than a baseball cap. Norman Reedus called it a plant pot but even so, it’s worth it. 


Speaking of Norman Reedus, he is going to be filming a Walking Dead spinoff in Europe and Melissa McBride (who plays Carol) was supposed to star with him but has left the project. Fans are apparently pretty upset (I can’t believe people have stuck with this show for so long!) and Jeffrey Dean Morgan stepped in to defuse the situation, which is how I heard about it. 

When we think of Harry Styles’s style, we think of Gucci. Busy tried to replicate his vibe but this seems almost too conservative for Harry. She needs a boa or something. 


The trailer for the second season of Hacks has been released and although I’m very much looking forward to Laurie Metcalf, there’s something about the tone that’s slightly throwing me off. It’s really optimistic and peppy. I will still watch every second of it, obviously.