The other day, Lainey wrote about Emily Blunt’s blonde hair and how she continues to picture her as a brunette. I feel the same about Leighton Meester. She could be blonde for the next 10 years and I will always picture her with shiny brown hair.


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Do it Jimmy!

Over the weekend, Maureen Dowd wrote about Javanka vs. the Klossy Posse. We know all about that. In fact, I think smut hounds have a deeper understanding of the issues because of gossip. How do you write about Ivanka and Karlie’s connection and not focus on Wendi Deng?!


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Jenna Fischer wore a towel as a top on Kimmel because the zipper of her dress broke. I don’t object to the towel, but I do have a few questions. What happened to the top she was wearing with the jeans? And why not a robe? A robe always reminds me of Madonna in Truth or Dare.


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If Jared Leto had his thumb out, would you pick him up? 


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There must be an alternate dimension where a famous celebrity called The Rock pounds a bag of Cheetos on the couch every night and steals candies from babies. Something this good must have an evil counterpoint. The bizarro world Dwayne Johnson. 

Martin Scorsese was on vacation with his family in Antigua and opted for classic beachwear: long sleeve shirt and jacket. 


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This piece is about a week old but I just got to it. It poses an interesting question: were the 90s mean?