US Weekly (which we know is not what it used to be) is reporting that Beyoncé is working on a compilation album with a couple of new tracks along with a Netflix special centered around her Beychella performance. While I don’t think they have solid sources, it is a safe bet to be vague about “new music” – there is constant speculation that she is working on something, whether it drops tomorrow or a year from now. Tell me the specific timeline and then I’ll be impressed. Anything else is guesswork. As for the documentary, it wouldn’t be unusual – she has worked with HBO on Life is But a Dream and Lemonade. If there is a leak, it’s definitely not coming from her team at Parkwood Entertainment. 


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Has the cinematography style on The Hills changed? It doesn’t look like the original show, which had such a distinct style. Also I love how they completely ignore the two biggest cast members (LC and Kristin Cavallari) and feature Frankie Delgado. No one cares about Frankie Delgado! On the same day this dropped, HBIC (head basic in charge) Lauren Conrad announced her pregnancy, which has gotten more headlines than the trailer. 


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Lea Michele on Arbor Day: “Happy Arbor Day! There were trees surrounding the property at my wedding.” 
Lea Michele on International Literacy Day: “Happy International Literacy Day! I had a reading at my wedding.”
Lea Michele on Earth Day: Happy Earth Day! I had my wedding on Earth.”


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This really was breathtaking entertainment on Twitter the other day – does it qualify as an April Fools’ thing? Parking can do this to people though. It can make us all territorial and weird.