I didn’t watch Roswell but if you did, I assume you’ll be interested in this.


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I absolutely love this shot of Zoe Kravitz for InStyle.


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Do you think they get bonuses for throwing a glass of wine in someone’s face? Happens at least once a season.


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Look, I can’t tell you when this Charlie Hunnam photo was taken, so if it’s old please don’t yell at me. My general policy when it comes to Charlie is if I haven’t seen it before, I post it. I don’t think I will get any complaints.

There’s nothing notable about this Cindy Crawford cover except that these denim shorts suck. Cindy can wear the hell out of jean shorts – the Pepsi commercial is iconic for a reason. These are too old-fashion in the wash and the slits on the side. But I live for the Town & Country headlines, like “Is the New Making You Crazy? The New 5-Star Anxiety Hospitals.”


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If you’ve been following Busy Philipps's Insta stories, you know that she and her husband accidentally forgot their daughter's stuffies at a hotel in Hawaii. The guilt and anxiety of losing something like that is awful. She thinks it was tied up in their bed sheets, and the launder found one. But where is Flat Bear?! He needs to be reunited with Radar and he couldn’t have gotten far – it is in island. 


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Adele officiated a wedding for her two friends – I have always wanted to do this but haven’t been asked. Do you think she sang for them, too? This flower wall – OMG how much did that cost? If they are real, I would guess at least 10K. 


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