Zac Efron has a new dog, which is great. And so are his bee socks from Bombas (a company modelled after buy-one-give-one companies like Warby Parker and Toms, but for socks – read more about them here). 


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A few weeks back, Kathleen wrote about Will Smith’s Instagram stardom. He has definitely found his groove on a medium where he can be loud and funny and curious – who knew Will Smith was so curious about everything? It actually makes sense because look at how cool Jaden and Willow are. They probably grew up in a house that encouraged a lot of questions and individuality. Anyways, Will has crossed a million subscribers on YouTube. Can we call him a YouTube star now? I think we can. And in a larger conversation, should social media influence be added as a new “threat” on celebrity resumes? If someone is a triple threat they can sing, dance and act. If they can get 2 million likes on Instagram, is that another skill we should add to the list?


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And I never, ever post two shots from the same celebrity account on the same day, but Willow braiding Zoe’s hair has to be seen.


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I live in a golf home, which for someone who hates sports isn’t the worst thing because at least it’s a quiet game. There’s not a lot of yelling golf. One of my kids is entering this tournament for 2018… if he makes it to the finals I will definitely creep a shot of Niall for us. Priorities. 


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Not only did Marc Jacobs propose in a public place (at Chipotle) but he used a flash-mob. Does this mean flash-mobs have become cool again, or is Marc Jacobs just like a basic you know from university and can’t be bothered to unfollow on Facebook even though her posts are so annoying. 


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Anne Hathaway was being fat-shamed? I didn’t notice anything different about her in recent pap shots, but I don’t doubt people are assholes. She’s gaining weight for this role, and she’s also lost weight for some roles. I know which one I’d prefer.


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There’s something so unsettling about this selfie kid. It makes me think of William H. Macy’s character in Magnolia. 


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Shades of Blue’s third season will be its last. I don’t think this reflects poorly on JLo. When you have so many jobs, who even notices when one ends?


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