Was Easter a little extra this year? I don’t mean this as a complaint at all – it seemed a little more celebratory than last year. The kids especially look adorable because Easter is a good accessories holiday, like the ears on Kate Hudson’s daughter Rani and the bunny tail on Khai’s (Gigi and Zayn’s daughter) bottom. Kaavia James Union Wade wore a pastel tiered dress for the hunt, but it looks like she didn’t have time for the Easter Bunny. 


January Jones with the Easter thirst trap. (In her stories, she wrote “caught the bunny.”)


Then there’s Nicole Richie and Rashida Jones with the cutest Easter throwback. 

What show is coming back to MTV? Cribs or Pimp My Ride (which I think would be renamed today). And real question: for Gen X and Millennials, was Cribs our gateway to HGTV? Do we hate-watch House Hunters because Cribs planted that seed in us?

Please watch the TikTok video of Apple Martin narrating Gwyneth Paltrow’s morning routine. My favourite part is “I suppose the goop Glow is a part of her cleanse which she’s been on since the day I was born apparently.” There’s also the comment about her mom “prancing” around the bathroom slathering on products for an hour. It plays on all the things we already think about GP, but in a self-effacing way. She knows her daughter is teasing her and when a teenager wants to tease you, there is no defense. You just have to take it. This video was part of the launch for goop Glow Lotion, which Apple modeled on the site. Maybe it will one day be a mother-daughter business.


Elizabeth Banks was pranked with a dozen red “Roses.” Going by the tags in her photo, it looks like Melissa McCarthy and Ben Falcone had a hand in this. If so, I give them high marks: creative, thoughtful, required a fair bit of planning and they probably had to drive up and set it up at night. All nice, clean prank behaviour.

Diddy had to miss his son Justin’s 23rd birthday so he sent a hologram from Miami to Los Angeles. Now I don’t know much about holograms but apparently this went both ways, so Diddy could see the crowd as well. That’s wild. And I’m guessing that the company, PORTL, is on Diddy’s radar and maybe this was his way of testing out the technology before he invests. TMZ estimates this cost about $60k and Diddy was only in Miami – he could have flown to the birthday and back on a private jet for less.

I watched Godzilla vs. Kong this weekend and then went back to read Sarah’s review and yup, dumb and fun is exactly it. I can appreciate that it didn’t try to be anything more or have any of the actors say more than three lines of dialogue in a scene.


Katie Holmes is in PEOPLE’s Beautiful Issue talking about her skin care. She takes care of herself but also has a youthful face (and a face some of us connect to our own youth). Like all Katie Holmes interviews there’s no dish, no dirty, not a hint of anything but platitudes. But I wonder, considering how OK she’s been being photographed with her boyfriend, if that changes. Will we ever get an Oprah sit-down with her? That would be a full circle moment.

Nicole Byer from Nailed It! has a new profile in Harper’s BAZAAR and she’s described as effervescent. That is exactly the right word — she is bubbly joy and that joy is in high demand.