If you wonder why Busy Philipp’s gets mentioned so much here, it’s because she has turned social media into storytelling. That’s why she’s been profiled in the New Yorker and most recently in New York magazine. The whole article is interesting because it covers her business acumen, her own doubts about whether or not she is turning her life into a reality show, and what Michelle Williams thinks of it all (including whether or not she exercises photo approval). 


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Russell Crowe is holding a divorce auction (it was finalized in late 2017, they had been separated for years). Bloomberg has a list of items, including movie memorabilia (his jock strap from Cinderella Man) and a car that they rode in on their wedding. Would this increase the price of the car? It’s not like it’s Charles and Di. Oh there’s also a dinosaur skull (he bought if from Leo). Too bad Nic Cage isn’t flush right now, he could have sold it to him.

Last month, it was reported that Gwen Stefani is closing a deal for a residency in Las Vegas. She has three kids and a lot of hits, so it makes perfect sense. Keeps her working but close to home. I don’t think it’s a coincidence that a lot of the popular Vegas residences – Britney, Mariah, JLo  – are female performers who have the same obligations. 

Kevin Hart’s tour keeps coming up in my feed because it’s coming to Vancouver, where I live. The Irresponsible Tour. Interesting name, considering


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Between this and Sarah’s review, I really want to see Blockers.