When I hear Giorgio Baldi, I think of Rihanna. Do you think other celebrities go there hoping to spot her? This would be a solid plan. 


Yesterday Lainey wrote about Jennifer Lopez for InStyle and her friendship with Charlize Theron. Someone else stuck out for me: Judy Greer, who is best friends with Jennifer Garner, contributed. It wasn’t anything super personal or illuminating, it was slotted in the “In the beginning” section, but how hard did Judy Greer think about what to say? And did she run it by Jennifer Garner first? I mean if you were working on something for your best friend’s ex-husband’s ex-girlfriend, there would be some kind of conversation, no? Maybe they talked about it in late January.


Daniel Kaluuya has an official Instagram account with zero posts. He also doesn’t follow anyone. He’s nominated for Best Supporting Actor for Judas and the Black Messiah, do you think he will fire it up to campaign during these last couple of weeks or nah? He’s very charming in interviews so why not transfer that skill set to social media. 


This isn’t a comment so much as a question: back in the summer, there was an LA Times story on Chris D’Elia’s alleged “sexual improprieties”. He released a statement to say that everything he did was “legal and consensual,” went away for a bit, then posted a video a month ago. Now he’s back on Instagram and TikTok, and we know this cycle. But what I find strange is that even though his comment section is completely open (as in not restricted), there’s not one single negative comment. That’s unusual under any circumstance – a celebrity could post a photo of a puppy and at least one person will have some sh-t to say – but how is it possible here? How does Chris D’Elia have the most positive comment section on Instagram?


Real Housewives has been on long enough that the children of the show are old enough to be in the hot seat. Andy Cohen is hosting a bunch of them on WWHL but you know who’s not on the list? Gigi and Bella Hadid, because of course they wouldn’t want to mix in with all that now. Every six months or so the clips of Yolanda Hadid telling Gigi not to eat (Gigi started modeling a bit before Bella) float around on Twitter – this is a two-minute compilation. It’s missing the clip of Yolanda telling Gigi to chew her almonds really slowly.