Karlie Kloss is not returning to Project Runway in a full-time host role but it has nothing to do with that “Kushner” comment that went viral. It’s because she had a baby and prefers a guest role (she’s a producer on the show), as well as juggling her other projects (her Adidas line, Kode With Klossy, being part of the investment group that acquired W Magazine). Going by this PEOPLE story, it sounds like there might also be a cooking/baking project in the works. Karlie hasn’t posted on Instagram since the baby was born, but Joshua Kushner did put up a photo, then took it down (you can see it here).


Yesterday I listened to the goop podcast with Gabrielle Union-Wade. Gwyneth Paltrow is not a strong interviewer as she often seems unprepared and rarely asks follow-up questions. For example, she asked Gabrielle about the “mean girl” story and it was clear that GP had never watched the speech, which is now legendary or the Oprah appearance that followed. Gabrielle was able to take those vague questions and dig deep and talked about her rape at 19, her work with a life coach, the different therapy modalities she’s tried over the years and how even in quarantine, she’s discovering some unresolved stuff about her ex (whom she divorced in 2005). The whole time I was listening I was wondering why she doesn’t have a podcast.


Next up in celebrity vaccine selfies: Hugh Jackman and Busy Philipps. People seem especially upset at Hugh, saying “Wolverine can’t get COVID” (Whoopi face: “OK”) and that he’s a tool of “propaganda.” There’s a lot more negativity on Hugh’s feed than on Busy’s, and I think it’s because they have different fanbases and because anti-vaxxers view it as emasculating to get vaccinated. That’s the vibe I’m getting from a lot of the comments, that it’s “unmanly” for him to protect himself from a virus. It’s not logical but it is expected out of the very vocal minority of people online.


As Shailene Woodley and Aaron Rodgers have gone Instagram official, there’s an interesting tidbit in US Weekly about Danica Patrick trying to “mend” his family relationships before they broke up and how he was back on speaking terms with some of his family in the summer. The source followed up with “Now, who knows what’s going on.” OK, this is curious. Obviously the source isn’t from Aaron’s camp, because why would he want to talk about his ex-girlfriend or his family? And he would know what was going on. Aaron’s family has been known to speak to the media, especially his thirsty nugget of a Bachelor brother, so this could be him. Or it could be Danica’s camp getting a dig in. We don’t do buffets anymore (not COVID compliant) but there are some options here.