Yesterday, Lainey wrote about Tom Brady’s marriage talk on Howard Stern – in 2015, his career was diverting attention from his family and it was taking a toll on their marriage. Gisele Bundchen also, as we know, has a big career, even though she semi-retired from modeling in 2015. Lainey pointed out that 2015 may have indeed been shaky in the Bündchen-Brady household – wasn’t Gisele rumoured to be the one who tipped Jennifer Garner off to the jet photos? As she should have. Tom and Ben were real dumbasses.

But back to today: because of Tom’s admission, there have been a few stories run about them and usually the accompanying photo is from a MET Gala appearance. Tom and Gisele can be counted on to attend, sometimes in disastrous outfits. What’s interesting is that since 2010 as a couple (and about 2004 for Gisele), the only years they missed were 2015 and 2016. Maybe they didn’t want to put on a face for a night.


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“What house are you in?” has nothing to do with Harry Potter – instead, it’s a reference to quarantining with different groups of people (reality star, Real Housewives); The Cut made this one and I would be in House #2. Now you would think House #3 but I don’t want Joe Exotic to pester Diplo for a beat (also, Joe is a tweaker animal abuser, so there’s that, too). Flip to the second photo to see options.


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A few days back I asked, “Where’s George?” about George Clooney. I feel like it’s been a minute since we last saw him or Amal. And now we have an update: they have donated one million dollars to charity (details here). I’m assuming Amal is working from home and the twins, who are kindergarten age, might be homeschooling.

What does that look like? Are they struggling to keep track of the Zoom links? Are they running out of printer ink from endless worksheets? I want to know if the Clooneys are doing Cosmic Yoga like the rest of us. 


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This is shaping up to be a critical weekend and if you need a pep talk, this will do it. “If you do not have the type of bread you like in your house, eat crackers.”