Harper helping her dad with a glow-up – the Daily Mail is shaking right now. It’s adorable of course and David pretending not to know what contouring and powdering is when he has to regularly have his makeup done for TV shoots? We will let it slide for the purposes of this father-daughter moment.


Neelam Gill posted an Instagram story denying she is dating Leonardo DiCaprio (a rumour that keeps getting pushed even though her boyfriend is always with them). Then I read another story that the “friend” is Tobey Maguire and again, nope. Leo has a robust Wolf Pack and it’s one of those guys. 


Gigi Hadid is another person as we keep getting mixed stories about but in my view, whatever it is is not permeating her real life. Gigi spends a lot of time with her family and at her property in Pennsylvania and let’s be real – is Leo giving up yachting in Europe for stables? Yes she’s a model but a long-term match seems unlikely.


Jeremy Allen White and Addison Timlin have recently become pap targets, which must be a strange thing because before The Bear, he had orbited fame (as longstanding actor on a popular but not super-hot TV show, Shameless) and she is best friends with Dakota Johnson, so she’s had exposure there. The recent photos of them hugging are making the rounds so let’s look at the Instagram activity in their circle. Melanie Griffith (Dakota’s mom) knows them both and has frequently commented on their posts in a very “mom who likes everything on Facebook” way. She has continued to like and comment on Jeremy’s posts and so that makes me think there’s friendliness there. Also, Melanie has been through a few divorces (and a remarriage) so maybe she’s rooting for them. And she strikes me as the kind of mom who gives good advice in a situation like this. 


Obviously Mindy Kaling is aware of the chatter around her children’s paternity and doesn’t give a f-ck. And if it is or isn’t BJ (I really don’t think it is!), it is completely inconsequential to anyone but them, but her fans (Office stans?) are obsessed with commenting on it on her Instagram, like they are the first ones to come up with this theory. It’s not new nor is it that interesting.