Tim Burton’s Addams Family series at Netflix has found its Morticia. Catherine Zeta-Jones as the sexy, eccentric matriarch who is haughty to basic outsiders but warm and loving to her own children and horny for her adoring husband? Yes, I can see. 


Fenty Perfume is available for pre-order and this is not Rihanna’s first perfume; like many others, she had a licensing deal for fragrance that included Riri, Crush, Kiss, Rough Love, Nude, Reb’l Fleur – some are still available in Amazon in Canada. Obviously her brand has evolved way past licensing her name and she controls the Fenty name now and this new fragrance is all her. And if there’s one thing that’s been said about Rihanna many times over, it’s that she smells amazing. Her previous go-to scent was Killan Love, Don’t Be Shy but now of course, she’ll be wearing her own name. And as she told Vogue, the process went beyond smelling some samples and picking which one she liked best. Like with Fenty Beauty and Savage x Fenty, she is deep in the process. 


You may have seen the headlines about Kelly Clarkson’s husband Brandon Blackstock receiving around $200k a month in support from her (a combination of spousal and child support). According to new reports, the crux of the money fight revolves around ranch in Montana that was a sticking point during the marriage because it was a huge cost burden to carry. As Kelly made significantly more than him, she wanted to get rid of the ranch, but he wants to keep it and become a rodeo manager. (This fight over a large, burdensome property reminds me of Chateau Miraval and Brange.) Brandon also manages Blake Shelton but declared in court papers that he is doing a minimal amount of work for him and isn’t looking for new clients. Typically (but not always), musicians are very close to their long-time managers but I didn’t see any reports that Brandon was at Blake and Gwen’s wedding and wondered if there was something there. The professional relationship is definitely winding down. 


Last night I meant to watch one (1) single episode of The White Lotus and I burned through three. Now I’m mad at myself but obsessed with Jennifer Coolidge and the mean teens. And I’m going to be very upset if Belinda (Natasha Rothwell), the only person who lives in reality with a modicum of good sense, doesn’t get what she’s earned. 


Mark Ronson and Grace Gummer were supposed to get married last weekend but there’s been no report that it happened, so either it was postponed (for obvious reasons), the dates were off, or the intel was just wrong.