Ariana Madix and Tom Sandoval are filming together again because that’s the name of the game. You can’t stay on a show like this and pick and choose who and when you film (something casual fans don’t seem to grasp). It’s not like they can green screen it like The Good Wife. 


As Lainey pointed out, Karlie Kloss attended the Taylor Swift concert in LA and so did Jaime King. Before Karlie and the full squad takeover, Taylor and Jaime were very close and Taylor baptized one of her children. Seems like they have remained friends, even if they don’t post about it on Instagram.


It’s Muskoka season and Cindy Crawford is there, Kate Hudson looks like she might be there and the Beckhams hit up cottage country too.


Justin Theroux and Amy Sedaris are old friends and one way you know is he owed her $300 and wasn’t that fussed about paying her back even though she was hounding him. The thing about lending money to friends is it’s a bad idea, but when it’s a very good friend that you kind of enjoy pestering, it can be almost enjoyable to hold it over their head. She knows Justin is good for the $300 and he’s just being a pain in the ass about it. But how did this debt come to be – did she make something for him? Did she see a cool leather jacket in a vintage store and send him a picture and he said “get that for me and I’ll pay you back”? Did they split a rental car on a road trip? The reason for the debt is important context here.


Selena Gomez can’t promote Only Murders in the Building but has continued to be quite active on Instagram. She could probably try to skirt the rules by posting a photo with someone on the cast (like Paul Rudd) but she’s sticking to the spirit of the strike. And how is Hulu handling this lost opportunity? You have Selena Gomez – and her huge social media following – plus Meryl Streep and Paul Rudd (likely for one season only) and you can’t promote it? The show is popular but this would be a time to capture new eyeballs and “minutes watched,” which is all streamers care about. The marketing department should be very annoyed with the executive team. 


Attached - Vanderpump's Ariana Madix and Katie Maloney in LA today.