Rocco Richie is 20 years old. Excuse me?! How is this allowed? I remember his christening, which happened the same week as his mom and dad’s wedding. Sting sang Ave Maria. 

We are still waiting for the Vogue September issue reveal but there’s been a steady roll-out from other magazines. This is from SELF and, um, it’s a little low energy. The white button down isn’t doing much here. I do wonder how much Miranda Kerr pays her publicist because that person works very hard.

Jim Parsons was interviewed for David Tennent’s podcast and spoke up the series of events which led him to leaving Big Bang Theory, despite being paid in gold bars. You know what we don’t talk about enough when it comes to Jim Parsons? He’s 47 and looks 23. He looks so young to me, like a baby, and he’s nearly 50. He should be included in the Rob Lowe/Gabrielle Union/Paul Rudd Celebrities Who Don’t Age Club.

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I hope everyone reading this is safe and healthy and not struggling for basic necessities... if you ARE fortunate enough to have your basic needs met and are looking to do something to help you maintain sanity, I wanted to recommend taking a class with @theartstudiony . They’re doing live classes via Zoom and, quite to my delight, I was not only able to figure out how to use Zoom, but I also painted this in the process! No museums are asking to display my first still life painting, but I feel just a LITTLE bit more peaceful from the process... and I got to see real life other people who were also taking the class - and real gift right now! That’s all - just a shout out of gratitude for the companionship and creative outlet and just spreading the word... link in bio ❤️

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Spend any amount of time on Instagram and you will notice aesthetic patterns for everything from vacation photos to engagement reveals to voting drives. A new story in Vox by Terry Nguyễn, “How social justice slideshows took over Instagram” explores how messages are being packaged for the platform, both to take advantage of and beat Instagram algorithms. 

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#VanessaGuillen 💔 #MeToo As we discuss the egregious violation of all we claim to hold sacred as a nation, knowing bounties were placed on our soldiers abroad and POTUS & his Administration did nothing — well, aside from advocating for the bounty sponsor to be readmitted into the G7 — we must simultaneously acknowledge one of the most egregious fault lines WITHIN our military. • At least 25% of women serving in the U.S. military have been sexually assaulted, and up to 80% have been sexually harassed. A 2011 report found that women in the U.S. military were more likely to be raped by fellow soldiers than they were to be killed in combat, and since 2017 we have seen an additional 15% surge in sexual assaults. And these are just the REPORTED numbers. At least 64% of women sexually assaulted in the military face retaliation, and 66% face that retaliation from their chain of command. So imagine how many women are too terrified to report?? • Vanessa Guillen was a courageous young 20 year old soldier who refused to be quiet. You’ve probably seen me sharing information about her disappearance on stories, and tragically it has been reported that after more than 70 days missing, her body was recovered. Her family is waiting on confirmation, but has reason to believe the body found is Vanessa’s. So what happened? She reportedly told her family about the sexual harassment she was experiencing on her base. The day before she went missing, Vanessa informed the man believed to be her harasser that she was going to file an official complaint the following day. She’d had enough. He bludgeoned her to death with a hammer in the armory room where she worked. The soldier who murdered her called a civilian, and together they reportedly dismembered Vanessa’s body, and disposed of her remains in a shallow grave off-base. The man accused? He killed himself when confronted by police, once their investigation into her disappearance had led them to question him. His accomplice? She has been arrested, but is out on bond. • Vanessa’s family has called for a Congressional investigation. And we have to make noise to demand it too. Enough. [CONTINUED BELOW]

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John Mayer has poked his head up and is that a goatee? Can’t say I hate it.

Robert Downey Jr. and Chris Cuomo set the wine moms ablaze with this photo. 

There have been reports that Viola Davis bought the house where she was born but as she clarified, she owns her story, not the physical house. The misinterpreted version of the headlines ran all day yesterday.  

Billy Eichner: the voice of a generation.

Kelly Clarkson took over Simon Cowell’s spot on America’s Got Talent (he fell off his bike and had surgery). This is the third NBC show for Kelly (her talk show and The Voice are the other two) so one thing we know, for sure, is that she’s the go-to person, the one they can call to fill in last minute on live TV. It’s such an underrated skill because she makes it look so easy.